Development Through Cooperation

Since early in 2012, the Victoria Highlanders FC and the Vancouver Island Wave have found several ways to bring together their coaching staffs and their resources in order to help the development of the sport on Vancouver Island.  One of the major steps in this 'Development Through Cooperation' rolled out in September 2012 with the emergence of the U11-U12 development program which we feel is appropriately named the L2T Centre (Learn to Train Centre).  In 2013-2014 we would like to expand this programming to age specific instruction at the U9-U10 level in order to optimize on the "Golden Age of Learning".  

The L2T Centre will run from September through April with training once per week and will follow a curriculum to build the technical and physical competencies associated with these age groups.

Within the Canadian Soccer Association's Long Term Player Development Model, the stage of development within the ages of U8-U12 is referred to as the Learn to Train Stage. This new program is designed to match the needs of this stage. 

As Highlanders and Wave coaches work to produce training which maximizes this training phase we will do so in tight consultation with members of CSA's work group Richard Way and Istvan Balyi who reside in Victoria, BC.

For further information on the developmental stages please refer to:
For in-depth presentation of the model, browse through the Wellness to World Cup - Volume 1 manual (pdf).

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